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Rhodesia Collection: Valley Batonka of Lake Kariba... (1963)

Documents the moving of people from the Batonka valley on the Zambesi River because of the plans to build the ...



John Hooper weighs up - Central African Airways is only a link.Why isn't it an international airline? Sir Robert Taylor ...



John Hooper weighs up - Rhodesia is Commonwealth's largest exporter of beef yet in Rhodesia it is a luxury. Film ...



John Hooper weighs up the tobacco industry in Rhodesia - interviews with farmers and black workers about the working relationship; ...



John Hooper interviews the General Manager of Bulawayo Railways about economics and freight from the north of the country to ...


SAMMY GOING SOUTH (1963) enhanced entry

Sammy, aged ten, is orphaned in an air raid at Port Said during Suez. He sets out alone with a ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 180 (1963)

A Home For 'Coco' - baby monkey at Bumba national park.

Rhodesian Art In London - Princess Margaret opens.

A Veritable Vintner ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 181 (1963)

Bundles of Energy - 2 leopard cubs kept by Jason Cambitzi.

Mainly for the Naturalist - natural history section of museum.

Heart ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 182 (1963)

Our Shop Window - trade fair.

New Industry for Lusaka - cigarette factory.

Glimpses into the Past - cave paintings.

Go-Kart Grand Prix. ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 183 (1963)

Barging up the Zambezi - construction of new barge.

Dogs on Duty - police dog training.

Pride of the Copperbelt - Ndola's ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 184 (1963)

For the Farmer - composite item regarding farming.

Livingstone's Game Park - scenes.

Pioneer Town - Fort Victoria.

Spotlight on Kariba - scenes. ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 185 (1963)

Mini-Mining - model of copper mine.

Building Forum - exhibition of building materials.

Castle in the Bush - scenes of the Lundazi ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 186 (1963)

Always be Careful - road safety mobile unit.

Luangwa Prepares - game reserve.

Chains For Industry - manufacture of.

Assegai Competition - Arnold ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 187 (1963)

Veterans on Call - R.R.A.F. reserves going through their paces.

Yes We Have Bananas - banana plantation.

End of Operation Noah - ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 188 (1963)

Beauty from the Bundu - flower arranging.

Leisure by the Lake - Kasaba Bay holiday camp.

Milestone in Education - educational TV ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 189 (1963)

Trout Talk - breeding and rearing of trout.

Breeding for the Show - show cattle and Lusaka Royal Show.

Conserving Our Forests ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 190 (1963)

New Shaft at Roan - Roan Antelope copper mine.

A Livingstone Industry - cane and steel furniture.

Jubilee Run - diamond jubille ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 191 (1963)

Any Old Iron - steel foundry, Kitwe.

School of Archaeology.

Country Holidays - pony trekking in the Vumba Mts. and Ponderosa holiday ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 192 (1963)

Expanding Motion Picture Industry - Dragon Films studio.

Young Explorers.

Spotlight on Mulobezi - scenes of saw mills and railways.


SPOTLIGHT NO. 193 (1963)

"Tobacco Twist" - new devices for the tobacco industry.

Holding That Tiger - Bumi Hills fishing camp on Lake Kariba.

Spotlight on ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 194 (1963)

Rhodesian Showcase - trade fair in Bulawayo.

Preview of the Primates - tobacco farmer studies the habits of primates.

New Road to ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 195 (1963)

All in Their Spare Time - hobbies exhibition.

Spotlight on Civil Aviation.


SPOTLIGHT NO. 197 (1963)

Christmas 1963 - composite reel of Christmas festivities in Rhodesia.



An examination of the different aspects of the role of a policeman in Southern Rhodesia through dramatised reconstructions.

A police band ...