Under British rule from 1917, Tanganyika attained independence in 1961. It is now part of Tanzania.  

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Various tribal dances of the Sukumaland people of Africa.


TROPICAL HOOKWORM (1936)has video enhanced entry

Instructional film for African audiences on the causes and prevention of hookworm disease.

An African man, 'a typical case of chronic ...


VETERINARY TRAINING OF AFRICAN NATIVES (1936)has video enhanced entry

The training of students at the Tanganyika Veterinary Department, Mpwapwa.

The film opens with a line of African men in uniform ...


VICTORY PARADE (1946) enhanced entry

Colonial troops in England for the Victory Parade on 8 June 1946.

Colonial troops arrive in Britain for the Victory Parade. ...



Coffee cultivation around the village of Marangu on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro.

Williams Collection 1: Uganda 1959

Williams Collection 1: Uganda 1959 (1959)has video enhanced entry

3 x Edited films. 'Local leave': record of holiday journey through East Africa. Map shows journey: from Uganda through Kenya, ...