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A travelogue of Southern Rhodesia intended for prospective British tourists and immigrants.

Opening with a consideration of ancient Rhodesia, the film ...


TEMPLES OF INDIA (1938) enhanced entry

Hindu temples at Benares and Belur and the mythology associated with them.

Three holy men sitting on a raised stone platform ...


TORRES STRAIT (1898) enhanced entry

INTEREST. Footage shot by A.C. Haddon during the 1898 Cambridge expedition to the Torres Strait, showing a series of native ...


TRIP THROUGH BRITISH NORTH BORNEO (1907)has video enhanced entry

Travelogue showing scenes from British North Borneo.

Opening with a train journey, the film shows views from the train as it ...


VILLAGE IN INDIA (1938) enhanced entry

Indian village life including a Brahmin initiation ceremony and a Hindu wedding.

Peasant life in a village in Rajputana. Early morning ...