This film is held by the BFI (ID: 14902).


Amateur film covering Bagnold's explorations of the Libyan desert, 1930 and 1932.

r.1 Names of the exploration party and a map showing route of first reconnaissance of the Great Sand Sea in 1929 (15). Map of route taken to Uweinat 1930 and list of party members' names (25). Cars at the start of expedition and in the desert (38). Car travelling over sand dunes and a demonstration of how cars are unstuck from the sand (91). Camel train arriving with petrol supplies at Ain Dalla oasis (95-113). Map of route through Great Sand Sea (122). Pushing car through sand drifts (141). Dunes in the Great Sand Sea (197). Cars travelling through desert (219). Planting a sighting balloon, party members sliding down dunes, car driving past camera and one stuck in the sand (266). Panorama of dunes (274); solid rock in the desert (277-302). Desert north of Gilf Kebir (308). Ancient stones (314). Massif of Uweinat (318-323). Rocks at Jebel Kissu (344). Karkur Murr water hole (372). Map showing route to Haifa and back to Cairo (380).

r.2 Expedition beyond Uweinat Oct.-Nov. 1932. Map and list of expedition members (12). Members of team on first stop south of Cairo (28). R.A.F. Victoria Troop Carrier at desert edge, south of Faiyum (49). Kharga Depression and Yabsa Pass (69). Descent into the Kharga Depression (73-120). General views of landscape and cars (122-149). Arrival at Kissu (160). Map of journey to Selima (167). Journey to oasis, map of return and cars in the desert (207). Arrival of Penderel in plane at Kissu (225). Repacking provisions (243); take-off of Penderel (254).

r.3 Map of route to Sarra Triangle (9). Car in desert (19). Chores and preparations at evening camp, taking navigation readings, CUs of some of the party (94). Pushing cars out of the sand (136). Kishu dump before journey to El Fasha (158). Map of route to El Fasha (166). Yerguehda Hill, stone circles and cave paintings (169-186). Desert fox, baby oryx, herd of oryx, ostrich and chicks (241). Wadi Howa (290). Shaw looking for archaeological remains (292-301). Gom Gom villagers (306-347).

r.4 Map of route from El Fasha (5). Malha crater, Meidob tribesmen with cattle, getting water for journey and camels (87). Malha crater (106). Cars back into desert (141). Salt lake at Merga (187). Washing at Selima oasis (223). CU of one of the party (230). Boats on the Nile, Wadi Halfa, Temple of Abu Simbel (258). Map of route from Halfa to Dakhla (263). Rocks and ascent of escarpment at Dakhla pass (289-339). Bahari oasis (348).




Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
16mm Film

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Production Countries:
Great Britain
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