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TRAVELOGUE. Scenes around the island of Mauritius.

Credits. Titles (37). MLS island of Réunion viewed from a moving boat (44). MCU on the bridge of the boat (52). Titles (62). MLS from the stern of the boat with the mountains of Mauritius briefly visible on the horizon. (83) Titles (97) MS entering Port Louis harbour. (104)MCU ship in harbour. (114) General view of harbour and ships (154). MS looking towards quayside of motor traffic and pedestrians. (163) Titles. (173) Street scenes with ox carts and pedestrians (212) Market and street scenes. (232)MCU ox carts of sugar cane. (245) MS house. (254) A government building ? with traffic and pedestrians passing in the foreground (270). Titles (281). HAS panorama shot from the mountains. (351) MS workers cut sugar cane (372). Stacking sugar cane on ox carts. (415) Loaded carts are led away past the camera, an empty cart goes by in the opposite direction (437). Titles (444) MLS square with a statue and cannons. (451) Titles (475). MS statue of Mahé Labourdonnais (481). Titles (492) HAS race meeting crowds (521). MS horses and riders pass the camera in front of the grandstand and spectators (543). HAS race intercut with spectators at the edge of the race track. (573) Titles (577) MCU garlanded horse and jockey in the winner's enclosure. (589) Titles (604) MS of three large houses in the wealthy Curepipe area. (625) A European family at tea in a garden pose for the camera. (633) MS tennis game in progress with tea party looking on and dog joining in with the game. (670) Titles. (679) MS garden party in the Governor's residence, Le Réduit. (687) MCU house (693)MS Governor? greets his guests. (713) MS a party is led around the grounds by a man in uniform. (720) MLS people standing in the gardens, a fountain in the foreground. (733) MS gazebo. (739) MLS from the gazebo to the house.(745) Titles (753) View from Le Réduit, which is known as "the end of the world" (776)Titles (782) MS of the Réduit Cascade (805). Titles. MCU road menders at work breaking ballast at the side of the road. (823)

Note: Extensive nitrate damage from 104-156 and 182-221.



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South Africa
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African Film Productions