This film is held by the BFI (ID: 355956).


Compilation of footage of Gandhi, in India and in Britain, probably mostly from newsreel sources. 1. Gandhi in a garden party setting, greeting people and being greeted. 2. Gandhi getting out of a car in an Indian street. 3. A close-up of Gandhi in profile, talking, and then a pan shot of an Indian crowd listening to him. 4. Gandhi getting out of a car in a rural setting, and walking with an entourage amongst some tents. 5. A scene of an Indian city street with troops in an armoured vehicle and soldiers policing the streets. 6. Gandhi at the head of a procession amid a crowd. 7. Gandhi talking to a crowd through a microphone, possibly from a railway carriage. 8. Gandhi with Lord and Lady Mountbatten in a garden, possibly at Government House. 9. Gandhi sitting in a room opening and reading a letter, and talking to a European sitting near him. 10. Shot of a ship with Gandhi aboard, its arrival in Britain and his getting off the boat, greeting a crowd and walking with ? on the quayside. 11. Gandhi getting out of a car and entering a building on a visit to London's East End. He is seen walking amongst a cheering crowd, and is then seen with a Pearly King and Queen. 12. Gandhi and his entourage, possibly in the North of England. 13. Gandhi planting a tree in a ceremony. 14. Gandhi with an enthusiastic crowd of English working people (possibly in Lancashire). 15. Gandhi going aboard a boat. 16. Gandhi sitting, reading from a paper, with European onlookers. 17. Indian streets with a crowd, possibly for a funeral, which is dispersed by police using batons. 18. A shot of a deserted street in India, possibly during a curfew. 19. A parade of troops in India, with troops being inspected and high officials present in ceremonial dress. 20. In a rural setting, some Sikhs patiently try to breach a line of soldiers who beat them. Other shots include soldiers beating Indian protestors and the wounded being carried away. There are further various scenes of passive resisters being beaten by troops and the police. 21. A crowd being dispersed by force in an Indian city.




Technical Data

Running Time:
14 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
16mm Film
390 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain