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DOCUMENTARY. A report a week after Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) and the possible effects on Zambia.

No titles. Yachts sailing on Lake Kariba (0:10). A black man helps untie a boat for a white family; the voice-over relates how this is the first week of UDI (0:22). Vox pop with white Rhodesians about UDI - all are very keen and supportive (1:07). Man in car; women pushing pram; schoolboys (1:22); woman carrying child (1:29); school children (1:33); women sitting on a bench (all the people are white); voice-over relates the imposition of international sanctions and the confidence and optimism of the white Rhodesians (1:36). Interview with Brian Baker, a tobacco farmer. He claims sanctions will have no effect as commerce rules the markets, and if the price is right someone will buy. He also claims that Rhodesia will never give way (3:00). Interview with Mrs. Baker about the possibility of British troops arriving - she claims all white Rhodesians will fight; and comments on increasing political and economic ties with South Africa (3:47). Supermarket scenes; voice-over states that panic buying has stopped (4:16). A `Buy Rhodesian' sign (4:20). Women shopping (4:33). Sign for the Sundowner Liquor Store (4:35). CU of Lion Lager beer bottles with `Buy Rhodesian' sign (4:36). Black man stacks the shelves (4:38). Signs for various alcoholic products; voice-over says that there are no shortages yet (4:41). Interview with Peter Tobin (the interviewer and Tobin walk to camera) about the possible effects of sanctions. Tobin believes sanctions will have no effect until after Christmas and the most serious effect will be shortage of oil; voice-over states that this is contrary to the British Government's view (6:26). CU of tobacco leaves being auctioned (6:30); CU of auctioneer (6:35); men bidding and auctioneer (6:41). The empty auction house (6:56). A street with two banks (7:01); signs for National and Grindlays Bank, the Standard Bank, Barclays Bank, Netherlands Bank, Reserve Bank of Rhodesia, Ottoman Bank and its building. Voice-over discusses the financial and banking problems and reports that South Africa will help with monetary dealings (7:13). Travelling shot from car of BP (British Petroleum) oil refinery; voice-over states that only a month's supply is left but that Portugal (via Mozambique) and South Africa will provide oil (7:46). CU of police car (8:53); policemen on street (8:56). Policemen dealing with an incident; voice-over outlines the worries of the small Liberal minority who fear closer political association with South Africa (8:08). The Governor-General's flag, pan down to Governor's House (8:24). The entrance to the house (8:27). LS of the Governor Sir Humphrey Vicary Gibbs and his wife (8:32). The sign for the Visitor's Book (8:35); CU of notice stating that the Book has been moved to the Governor's Office; voice-over outlines the Governor's difficult position in trying to maintain his constitutional role (8:41). Pan back from electrical mast to show the Kariba Dam (9:05). Soldiers of the Zambian army (9:15). Travelling shot from car, crossing the dam which is also the border between Rhodesia and Zambia (9:25). View of dam from Rhodesia (9:28). Rafts on the lake carrying out repair work (9:30). Construction site (9:34). Hydro-electric dam; voice-over states that although relations are strained between Rhodesia and Zambia work on the dam and the production of electricity from the dam continues as both countries are so dependent on it (9:36). LS of President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia at a press conference (9:43) CU of Kaunda (9:50). Interview with Kaunda about Zambia's position on UDI. He states Zambia is in a difficult situation but it must be resolved quickly even if Zambia suffers. He states he would welcome British military intervention; sympathises with the Governor's position; and thinks that if the situation continues it will weaken or break up the Commonwealth (11:05). Interview with Arthur Wina, Finance Minister of Zambia. He decries other countries using possible hardship on Zambia as an excuse for not dealing with Rhodesia more effectively. He thinks there will be difficulties but that they are not insurmountable and that Zambia is already turning to its northern neighbours for economic help. He is determined to end Ian Smith's Government in Rhodesia (13:22).



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THIS WEEK [ITV/Rediffusion, 1956-68]

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Great Britain
KAUNDA, Kenneth David
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KERSHAW, Richard