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DOCUMENTARY. A report on the current state of Rhodesia concentrating particularly on the Land Tenure Act and its effects.

Introduction: against the background of another attempt to start talks with Mr. Ian Smith, World in Action reports on the current state of affairs in Rhodesia. Shots of Ian Smith and the Victoria Falls (45). In interview, Ian Smith states that Rhodesia is more united than it has ever been (54). Shots of the Pioneer Day service in Salisbury (86). New laws have been introduced to divide black and white. Paul Chanetza (?), a successful black businessman has been evicted from his offices because they lie in a white area (132). Lance Smith, minister of Internal Affairs tries to justify the evictions in terms of the Land Tenure Act (159). Map showing the division of land between black and white (183). Ian Smith outlines the generosity of the split (229). On white land close to Salisbury, Guy Clutton-Brock and his colleagues run Cold Comfort Farm, a multi- racial cooperative. They state their reaction to the Land Tenure Act and the likely outcome for the farm (361). Lance Smith expresses the opinion that the collective will probably be evicted from the land (411). Clutton-Brock responds to this (422). Over scenes showing the ordination of a black priest, Roman Catholic Bishop La Monte states the churches position on the Land Tenure Act. They're firmly against it, these views are juxtaposed with those of ordinary white Christians who disagree with the bishop. A white priest who works with a black colleague outlines what the new law will mean for him and states his intention to ignore it (542). Sir Robert Tredgold, a former chief justice and acting governor of Rhodesia, describes the Land Tenure Act as a negation of law because of the uncertainty in the way it's written. All the clauses lead back to the discretion of the minister (573). Lance Smith talks about his discretionary powers (616). Sir Robert Tredgold states that there's no appeal in this law to which Lance Smith replies that there's always appeal in common law (657). Tredgold opines that the Land Tenure Act opens the door to full apartheid without the need for further legislation (671). The case of the Tanguena (?) tribe who have been told to move to land other than that which they regard as their birthright. Interviews with the chief and the local district commissioner who put their points of view (848). Interview with Ian Smith who talks about "civilised" man and his relationship to the blacks. The evolution of the blacks towards civilisation. The responsibility of government and of the vote. He discusses the franchise and expresses his belief that one man one vote is wrong because it leads to the lowering of standards of government (966). Summation (999 ft).



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