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Amateur film of a safari in Kenya undertaken by Edward, Prince of Wales (later Duke of Windsor). Dated 1929 and 1927.

No titles. Three European women picnicing under a tree. They all smoke and are dressed in safari outfits. One woman powders her face (18). A car stuck in a river, pan right to show Europeans and Masai (or Kikuyu) warriors standing by trucks. Hauling the car from the river. Masai on the river bank look at the car (50). Views of a safari camp with large tents (88). Shots of the various Europeans on the safari including shot of Prince of Wales smoking pipe and with cine camera in hand (99). Five cars take it in turn to cross a shallow river (139). Shots of Masai; Prince of Wales walks to camera (143-144). A line of Masai walking through the bush watched by the safari party (152). The prince by a car (155); cars and trucks are helped off the dry river bed (165). MS Prince of Wales making tea. He shakes the teapot like a cocktail shaker (174). Members of the party by a car (179). The party having a meal, some sit around a table, others, including the Prince, sit under a tree (185). HAS the safari party (unseen) throwing gifts (coins?) to young Africans on a river bank (205). Sign for Mutir with Africans milling about; a bare-breasted woman carries a pot on her head; further scenes of Africans scrambling about for coins including a woman with a deformed arm. One member of the party joins the Africans and doles out coins (263). A group of Africans enter a dug out canoe and paddle away from the river bank (283). MS Prince (looking miserable) seated on a verandah. He wears a large overcoat and pith helmet; he takes his hat off; reading a book with sunglasses; he takes them off (299). Some members of the party (dressed in whites) with a group of African children. They are joined by two European children (318). Four members of the party leave a large thatched house. They carry thermos flasks and books. They walk to the camera (330). Pulling the cars through a deep, muddy stream bed (384). At camp; two European men tend to the camp fire (412).

A large gathering of Kikuyu warriors performing a series of dances. All carry shields and long spears; many wear feathered headresses (456). The Prince of Wales' party (Prince not seen) passes through the the throng (460). Further views of the gathering (489). A dung beetle (498). Four memebrs of the party including the Prince (?) with an African guide. They all carry guns (501). A bull elephant in the bush - very wary of the men (529). Pan of cars and members of the party. The Prince stands by the last car (539). A wooden carving of a bird (a duck?) is placed on the bonnet of one of the cars (544). Scenes at a festivity; Africans milling about; bunting hanging from buildings (548). Members of the party by a car (550ft). [16m].

Note: The film was originally in two parts. The first part had a stock date of 1929 the second 1927. The split occurs at 412ft.

Note: The Prince of Wales visited Kenya on two occasions. Firstly in 1928 with his brother the Duke of Gloucester - the second part of the film; and again in 1930 - the first part of the film.



  • HRH AT NAIROBI (Archive)

Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
16mm Film
551 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain