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Amateur film. "The record of two visits to the estate of Daruel Tobacco Plantations Limited at Segama, Lahad Datu" in Sabah, Malaysia in the north of the island of Borneo. "Daruel Bay. Lahad Datu - the port through which everything must pass for the estate. Built on stilts of corrugated iron. One steamer only per week each way". Black and white. The port with buildings and wharves. Colour. "The Manager's bungalow 1937". "The Manager's House 1939": much grander. "Mr and Mrs Stevens" at the house and playing with dog. "Panorama of estate looking towards interior" "Same view at 7 a.m. before river mists have cleared". "Segama River" with canoes. "Ferry and new landing stage - in 1937 and 1939". "Fermenting shed". "Coolies leaving - midday": running. "Staff leaving": Europeans. Chinese and Javanese Coolie Lines": barrack like buildings. "Tobacco Fermenting on the Bali-Bali" piles of tobacco leaves in a shed and workers stacking them. Colour sorting the leaves, bundles of leaves sorted to size. "Receiving and passing the sorted tobacco 1937" workers carrying bundles to the checkers, who throw the bundles to girls seated on the floor. The bundles are stacked. "Same process on TTR/Langka Plantation, Sumatra". "Improved methods, Segama 1939" similar shots, but the girls work standing at tables."Measuring the bundles" a European demonstrates how to measure the bundles of leaves against a marked board, the workers then do it. "Baling" the bundles are weighed, checked for size and carried out by workers who pack them into forms and stamp them down. Pressing down the form lids with a capstan press. The finally pressed tobacco is freed from the form and packed into raffia-enclosed packs; girls sew up the raffia packs. "Marking" stencilling the raffia packs. Workers handling the finished packs.



  • BORNEO - 1 (Archive)

Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
16mm Film
Colour and Black/White
414 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain