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Salvation army workers among the Bhil tribesmen, caring for Burmese and Ceylonese children, and the work of the Catherine Booth Memorial Hospital. Native life and scenes in India, Burma and Ceylon.

Rl. 1. Travelling along a country road (44). Blank film (45). Water buffaloes ploughing a field for a new crop (103). Blank film (106). A wayside potter working at his wheel (227). Blank film (228). The Bhils - a race of hunters - are seen stalking through the jungle with bows and arrows, then they demonstrate their marksmanship (331). Blank film (333). A Bhil dance (400). A Salvation Army meeting with the Bhils - the officer leads them in singing (437). Blank film (439). They are led in prayer (470). Bhil women dancing (520). An officer visits a Bhil home and watches the family about its tasks (586). Blank film (587). Indian children doing physical exercises under the Army's instruction (662). Some Burmese orphan girls in the care of the Army (647). Burmese children bathing in a river (694). An action song by Ceylon children (740). Blank film (741). A procession and singing on a Festival day Salvation Army Corps (863). Blank film (864); the crowds sing and clap hands (915).

Rl. 2. An exterior view of the Catherine Booth Memorial Hospital - one of the Army's hospitals (34). Arrival of a serious case brought on an ox cart (113). Blank film (115). Out patients arriving for treatment (151). Weighing children (259). Blank film ((260). A motor ambulance brings a stretcher case (307). The patient is carried to a bed in the hospital (339). Walking cases are helped out of the ambulance and into the hospital (363). Blank film (365). Inside the hospital doctors examine patients (403). The dental department with patients receiving treatment (468). Blank film (470). Patients arriving at the opthalmic department (519). Blank film (520). An Army hostel with British soldiers eating tea (620). Blank film (621). Indian Salvationists at their meal (698). A native street in Colombo (753). Blank film (754). Elephants working in a wood yard in Rangoon (788).

Rl. 3. Some of the sacred herd of Kandy elephants bathing in the river (152). Blank film (154). A group of natives, one with a baby crocodile or lizard in his hand (185). New arrivals at one of the Army settlements - they arrive under escort and are manacled (282). Blank film (285). A gymnastic display by children (381). Blank filmn (382). Leather workers making police sandals, is this one of the industries taught by the Army (447). A reformed criminal's family, now Salvationists, at their daily tasks (497).

Rl. 4. Paying wages to criminal workers (70). Thumb prints are taken as receipts (140). Blank film (141). Indians with goods balanced on their heads (185). The living quartres of the Army colony, crowded with Indians (270). Blank film (271). Settle harvesting their crops at Shantinager (350). Oxen treading out corn (379). A prosperous farmer and his grain (392). Blank film (394). Women coming to an Army meeting (425). A settler paying for his land (482). Settlers and farmer leaving an Army meeting (531). Blank film (532). Settling disputes by prayer and discussion (617). Blank film (619). A European Salvtaion Army woman talks to an Indian girl and persuades her to give up her bracelets and jewellery as being worldly, the girl does so but is very upset (753). Blank film (754). An Army meeting (815). Blank film (816). Victoria Railway terminus with a single decker double tram car pasing in the foreground (848). (3011ft).




Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
3114 ft

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Production Countries:
Great Britain
Production Company
Salvation Army