This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: COI 1113).


Recruiting film for Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC), based around an interview for an officer's commission.

Colonel Smith and Colonel Eggar of QARANC ask questions of an interviewee, whose replies are accompanied by illustrative footage. When asked why she was applying for a commission, the interviewee cites the variety of work on offer, the seniority, the opportunities of working abroad. She answers "yes" to the question "Have you been to one of our hospitals?", mentioning Woolwich Hospital. A Puma helicopter lands outside Woolwich with a casualty who is stretchered into an ambulance and driven inside. Woolwich also treats civilians; inside, it is smart and modern. Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Cambridge Military Hospital are also shown. Back at the interview, the hopeful candidate is told that there will be an orientation course covering areas of responsibility (patients and army) and commitment at weekends. Colonel Smith asks the interviewee about future training. Initially nurses have to be flexible and do various tasks (working in ward, blanket bath, visiting, theatre work) but are encouraged to specialise. She tells the candidate what sort of courses are available: mental care, midwifery, theatre training etc. But these courses are expected to be given back to the army as extensions of the commission. Training is discussed further, with illustrative scenes: operating theatre, traction, maternity ward, special care course (with incubator). High standards are expected by students and tutors at Aldershot. Colonel Smith discusses the possibility of overseas postings. A hospital in Hong Kong, where servicemen's wives and Gurkhas are seen being cared for; one of the nurses discusses her reasons for joining, other nurses are seen off-duty in a bazaar. Colonel Eggar talks about the Student Officer's Training Course, with its personal development module (which includes mock interviews which are videotaped and played back to the students). Eggar also asks whether the candidate knows about the basic fitness test. This involves an assault course and the six-day "Exercise Nightingale" - manoeuvres in full kit in a forest, introduction to basic fieldcraft, mock casevac (casualty evacuation), mobile army hospital. There is relaxation, too: regimental dinner in officers' mess, facilities described, male and female officers relax together. Non-nursing QAs: in administrative role. At the interview, Colonel Eggar talks of the role of duty officer in the mess (accompanied by more hospital scenes) and asks if there are any questions. The candidate asks about seniority and is told that commissions usually start at the rank of Lieutenant (junior sister) and there is no probationary period - the candidate is committed for two years right from the start. The interview finishes, the candidate will learn the result in 4 to 10 days. "We end at the beginning - of a new life and new responsibilities": the candidate (who has been successful) is seen being welcomed at the training school. Final shot of QARANC cap badge.




Technical Data

Running Time:
24 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
838 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Central Office of Information
Ministry of Defence
Maasz, Ronnie
Erulkar, Sarah
film editor
Greenwood, Barney
Arnold, John
Clore, Leon
Production company
Graphic Films
Erulkar, Sarah