This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: MGH 4488).


Amateur film shot by Ordnance Officer Lieutenant G Moss, assisted by Ordnance Artificer Don Hayward, on board HMS Belfast during the ship's Far Eastern commission under command of Captain Morgan-Giles, gives disjointed coverage of activity on board ship and visits to Singapore, Hong Kong, Dar-es-Salaam (Tanganyika/Tanzania independence on 8 December 1961), Subic Bay, Sydney (after Exercise Tucker Box with the Royal Australian Navy in the Coral Sea) and Seattle, during period from 31 January 1961 to June 1962.

00:02:58 F1.29 HMS Rhyl, Rothesay class Frigate. 00:03:41 Royal Marine band, probably a rehearsal [relaxed working dress as opposed to parade dress]. 00:03:43 HMS Belfast’s Main mast 00:03:50 Royal Marines drill on quarterdeck 00:03:55 F.129 HMS Rhyl, Rothesay class Frigate. 00:04:12 F.428 HMS Loch Alvie, Loch class Frigate. 00:04:18 Man in traditional African dress [most likely Tanganyika ceremony]. 00:04:34 F129 HMS Rhyl, Rothesay class Frigate. F.428 HMS Loch Alvie Loch class Frigate. 00:05:20 Remembrance parade Hong Kong, HRH Princess Alexandra, scenes of a casualty being extracted on stretcher. 00:06:35 Parade on HMS Belfast quarterdeck including bagpipers. 00:06:41 Aircraft mail drop is collected by Ships Company in whaler (small boat). 00:06:48 Governor of Tanganyika inspects Ships Company . 00:07:17 Tanganyika independence ceremony. 00:08:28 Stage is erected on HMS Belfast, bearing ‘up spirits’ banner. 00:09:05 Aircraft carrier [Possibly R.12 HMS Hermes?]. 00:09:39 Subic Bay, ships in company entering bay. US military band plays onshore as HMS Belfast moors alongside. 00:10:16 Royal Marines parade on quarterdeck. 00:11:41 229 HMCS Ottawa, St. Laurent class Destroyer. 00:12:04 Aircraft exercises in carrier [HMS Hermes?] 00:12:23 Long shot of HMS Belfast. 00:12:48 F.628 Loch Killisport, Loch class Frigate. 00:12:53 Aircraft carrier [R.12 HMS Hermes?]. 00:13:44 Commander Anti -submarine Warfare Pacific Force, United States building. Various US Naval Ships, pennants 397, 782, 468. 00:14:36 HMS Belfast steams past static camera. Ships Company can be seen at attention on upper decks. 00:14:53 Royal Marines and Sailors parade. 00:14:59 US Naval Ships moored. Pennants 301, 309, 303. 00:15:26 Royal Marines marching band leads a parade. 00:14:45 Rest and relaxation in shark-proof netting over side of Ship. 00:17:31 Helicopter shot of HMS Belfast. 00:18:25 Reel 2. Ships Company parade on quarterdeck. 00:19:26 SAR Whirlwind helicopter transfer from quarterdeck, object is winched from HMS Belfast onto aircraft. 00:20:07 Personnel transfer with C.89 HMS Royalist Dido class light cruiser. 00:21:26 Shots of Aircraft Carrier [possibly HMS Hermes R.12]. 00:22:05 Anti Aircraft, Bofor guns firing. 00:23:11 Demonstration of HMS Belfast pre-wetting system used as a preventative for atomic, biological or chemical contaminants. 00:24:14 Rowing boat race, with HMS Belfast and other RN ships in background. 00:24:24 Royal Marine Band; side drummers and pipers on parade. 00:24:23 Aircraft Carrier HMS Victorious, R.38. 00:28:14 Personnel transfer with vessel F.61 00:29:03 Crossing the line ceremony, tradition followed by sailors when crossing the equator for the first time. Initiation ceremony acted out by various members of the Ship’s Company. 00:30:22 HMS Belfast casualty transfer with another vessel. 00:30:39 Shots of HMS Belfast berthed alongside. Filmed from port side in a smaller vessel. 00:32:03 Helicopter shots of HMS Belfast. 00:34:55 HMS Belfast open to visitors Singapore and San Francisco, children’s parties onboard. 00:38:09 Kilted soldiers with bagpipes play on top of HMS Belfast’s B Turret. 00:38:54 Officers coming onboard HMS Belfast, greeted by Captain. 00:39:30 Kilted soldiers along with sailors parade onboard HMS Belfast. 00:40:06 Vessel D.07 0041:38 HMS Belfast in dry dock. 00:41:37 Royal Marines parade on HMS Belfast quarterdeck. 00:42:43 Dignitary in civilian dress boards HMS Belfast greeted By Rear-Admiral Morgan-Giles. Exercise Australian Tuckerbox sign is visible. 00:44:20 Vessel F.249 00:45:00 C.89 HMS Royalist


Cameraman: Lieutenant Moss, according to then Captain Morgan-Giles who detailed his officer to record the Commission.

See also film ref ADM 2129, which is noted as "Photographed by the Personnel of HMS Belfast", probably also shot by Lieutenant Moss and later edited withn added commentary and sound track. This footage is probably the offcuts.



  • HMS BELFAST IN FAR EAST, 1961-1962 (Allocated)

Technical Data

Running Time:
33 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
1292 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Hayward, Don (Ordnance Artificer)
Moss G (Lieutenant)