This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: MGH 6245).


Still shots of the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta. Street scenes. Close-up of a holy man (fakir?), and a small shrine next to him. More street scenes, beggars. Close-up of feet treading clay. A man sculpting a figure. Close-ups of the finished sculptures of Indian gods. More street scenes, including cattle and carts.

Acharya Kripalani at railway station. Blocks of ice being loaded onto train. Further scenes at the platform with Kripalani. A woman holds a bunch of flowers, a man selling magazines walks passed. Food being served on a leaf. A groom (?) with red turban and gold accessories. Close-up of little girl. Close-up of bride (?) and men. Further scenes at the station.

People on the street in a dust storm.

[Black & White intertitles] "Rewa State. Dassarah. 1946" "Shami Puja. 5th October 1946. This sacred function is held in the colourful grounds of the Kothi" Scenes of a temple? palace? A horse-drawn carriage arrives, two holy men carry small 'shrines'. Scenes of the men carrying out a ceremony (puja) next to a little tree, a small crowd of onlookers watch.

[Black & White intertitles] "The Fort. One of the most historical buildings" Scenes of a fort next to a river.

[Black & White intertitles] "Gaddi Pujan. His Royal Highness takes part in the ceremony at the fort"

[B&W] Scenes of a young Indian prince? sitting on floor during ceremony. Close-up of others at ceremony.

[Black & White intertitles] "Royal Salute. His Highness takes the salute before the start of the procession" Scenes of military bands, marching troops. Crowds line the streets and gather in and on buildings.

[Black & White intertitles] "The Kotwali. The long procession passes another historical site" Scenes of the procession. Close-up of ruined fort (?) beside a river. Scenes of Indian military bands and troops marching along street. The young prince in a horse-drawn carriage, the procession follows including people riding elephants and camels.

[Black & White] "The Parade Ground. His Highness arrives at the head of the procession" [very dark - detail hard to discern] The young prince climbs out of he carriage. A line of Indian men in white tunics.

[Black & White intertitles] "A Grand Parade - the march past" Indian troops marching. Flames and torches, mules and horses pass in front of camera. [wrong speed] The young prince gets into the carriage and it drives off.


Allocated Title taken from Hodgkinson's original can markings.

Date: refers to stock dates on Kodachrome

Technical: marked "Original"

Acharya Kripalani was President of the Indian National Congress (Nov 1946 - Aug 1947) and steered the organisation through the critical days of the transfer of power

Summary: subject related to Partition of India in August 1947.



  • INDIA (Allocated)
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20 minutes
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Hodgkinson, Frank Outram (Lieutenant-Colonel)