Kendal Collection: 33: Tank Trials. Chaklala. India. Mid-1930s

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 1997/153/051).


Trials at Chakala Military Testing Ground of Armoured Cars/Light tanks which cross over rough terrain at speed and ford rivers. Trials of large armoured personal carrier pulling big field gun. Large gathering of observing English military officrs.

Demonstration of unloading of food supplies from lorries Trial food supply lorries over rough ground.

Production / Donor Details: These films were shot by Colonel John Hamilton Bernard Peyton (Indian Army). His daughter's nephew by marriage, Squadron Leader Spencer Kendal, donated the collection. See notes below and file for further details.

Mr Kendal has also deposited a collection of photographs and other items. See Accessions Database for further information.



  • Kendal Collection: 33: Tank Trials. Chaklala. India. Mid-1930s (Archive)
Series Title:
Kendal Collection

Technical Data

Running Time:
16 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
16mm VHS
approx 400ft

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Production Details
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