Rees Collection: 5: Independence Day Celebrations 12/12/63

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2001/047/005).


1962: Various shots Nairobi. The Annual Royal Kenya Agricultural Show.

Nairobi decorations & Independence Day ceremonies 12/12/63, with Jomo Kenyatta, Ian Macleod (Colonial Secretary), and the Duke of Edinburgh.

1964: visit by President Jomo Kenyatta to Embu, Eastern Province, where he unveils a memorial to 'Uhuru'. Journey from Nairobi to Mombasa.

Production / Donor Details: Mr Rees joined the Staff of the Kagumo Teacher Training College in Kenya as an Education Officer in 1953. He subsequently worked in the Ministry of Education, and from 1963 till the end of 1965 was Senior Education Officer at Embu in charge of the newly formed Eastern Region of Kenya.



  • Rees Collection: 5: Independence Day Celebrations 12/12/63 (Archive)
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Rees Collection

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VHS 8mm Digibeta

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