This film is held by the BFI (ID: 362245).


Construction of settlements on the island during the early 1960s.

Reel 1. The farm on Green mountain. Cows being moved within the farm. View of Sisters Peak from Mountain Road. West Indian steel band and dancing. Power House plant yard erection. Welding and cutting. The distillers. English Bay Landscape. Departures at the airstrip. A tea break. roofing. English Bay temporary water resevoir. Fitting out waste heat boilers. British Caledonian aircraft departing. The articulated bus at English Bay. View of engine hall from overhead travelling crane. Unloading oil drums off pontoon. Unloading floating hose. A freighter ship at sea. View of Two Boats village. Opuntia vulgaris cactus in bloom. Cleaaring a roadway. `San' the official residence with flowering shrubs. Handling a long pipe at the farm. Reel 2. Climbing up Sisters peak. Views from hill above village. English Bay. Construction work. Views of village site in early days. English Bay construction. Erecting walls of a bungalow. Roofing. Lunch in the tented mess. Grass growing among the prickly pear cactus. Walking up Green Mountain. Beach scene, probably at Clarence Beach. Scrapper at work. Rock crushing machine. Local staff trying to open crates. Cricket match at Georgetown. Children near bungalows. Welding a building structure. Reel 3. The Power Station or BBC site English Bay. View from `San' of North-East Bay. The original Two Boats settlement. A drott a work with spraggs. Erecting buildings. Erecting shore sheds at Georgetown. Erecting pre-fabricated building panels. Finished bungalows. Temporary generators. Erecting Power House frame. Installing distiller. Erecting another building. English Bay encampment. Stores at Georgetown. A view of Two Boats site. Tank landing craft shot at sea. Closer view of tank landing craft. Tower block - Millbank Tower. Unloading a pontoon at Georgetown Pier. Erecting steelwork building at Two Boats. English Bay area. Mobile crane at work. Lifting off lorry . Unreeling electric cable at Two Boats. Barford dumper at work. Work on jetty at English Bay. Evacuationof casualties by United States Air Force. Panoramic view of Two Boats from Sisters Peak. Plant yard construction. Sandbags being placed on jetty. Drilling machine at work. Bulldozers at work. A scene in the mess tent. Climbing Sisters Peak. Start up of diesel No. 6. Close view of an International bulldozer. Blasting operations at English Bay.




Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
16mm Film
Colour (Kodachrome)
900 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain