Jackson Collection: 1 Restoration of the Ashanti Confederation

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2005/092/001).


Footage documenting various event surrounding the 1935 restoration of the Ashanti Confederation. (Kumasi city?) Coronation of the Ashantihene or King of kings: Inter title "Ceremony in connection with the restoration of The Ashanti Confereracy January 31st 1935 when The Otumfuo Osei Agyeman Prempeh was made Ashanti Hene." Arrival of long procession at open ground set amongst trees in urban area with crowds of spectators African police on the outskirts Native warriors or dancers progress while throwing their "shields" in the air. In the procession there are a serious of Ashanti chiefs under "The Akatamano" their large colourful ceremonial umbrellas which are made of wool and camel hair toped by chief's symbol of office. These shake and bounce as they are carried. At the end of the procession is a native chief being carried on a litter and surrounded by a large body of men. Arrival on foot of the Governor, Sir Arnold Wienholt Hodgson, in full uniform, white uniform, sword and plumed hat. He is led through the packed crowd. The Governor sits on podium in a group with other colonial officers and the newly installed chief. Tribal members progress to show their respect to the new chief and African policeman in the crowd. The Governor on the podium with his wife and other colonial officers watching the crowd. Other colonial officers watch the proceedings from a stand at the rear. The Ashanti people in large numbers gather around the celebrations. In colour. Ashanti Durbar in wide open area. Large gathering of local people who crowd around the arrival of Procession of chiefs who progress under their ceremonial umbrellas or "Akatamanso" with chief's spokesman carrying "Akyeamepma", gold plated staffs and the chief's stool bearers carrying the "Ahenkongua" the chief's stool of authority. While other instruments or symbols of authority are carried by chief's officers. The crowded procession lead towards a Dais on which stands the Governor who has the chiefs presented to him individually and shakes hand with them. He pats on the head a small baby who is also presented. A British colonial officer has difficulty in trying to restrain the pushing crowds. An Ashanti dressed in a white civilian European suit reads a proclamation while at his side is held a wooden instrument, which is one of the symbols of office. The Governor in full dress uniform seated at a table under an awning and flanked by his Colonial officers and with an official silver mace on the table signs an official document. The Ashanti Hene (the King of Kings) is then borne through the crowds on a litter amongst the seas of colourful umbrellas some of which have the Union Jack flag as part of their material. The crowds, which include women and young girls in white dresses gradually start to disperse. Main doorway entrance to Official Residence where African high chief, dressed in African costume and standing under a ceremonial umbrella is greeting his arriving guests who come on foot for an official reception. These consist of African men and women both in African costumes and European with some British male guests being dressed in dark suits and trilby hats. The guests then relax in the grounds of the Residence sitting at tables with drinks. The female members of the African chief's family then pose for the camera at the front of the house.

Production / Donor Details: Donor's grandfather, Sir Francis Walter F Jackson was Chief Commissioner, Gold Coast (Ghana) 1934-36.



  • Jackson Collection: 1 Restoration of the Ashanti Confederation (Archive)
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