Jackson Collection: 13: Ashanti political gathering

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2005/092/013).


Meeting of the tribes. Some African attendees dressed in European clothes. Tribal chiefs with their ceremonial umbrellas. Children are carried on the heads of their fathers. Tribal images, small statues of Gods are shown and inspected. The Ashantihene sits under an umbrella on his throne amongst the crowded throng of his people. A distinguished African who is smartly dressed in European clothing with his wife and daughter, also in European style clothing, pose for their picture before attending function. Gathering in the quad or square of School or College where the distinguished guests sit under an umbrellas in front of those gathered who shelter from the sun in the cloisters. The Ashantihene, seated in the open air and flanked by British colonial officers, receives homage from one of his people. Three British officials dressed in white with topee; each wears a black armband. (Possibly mourning for the death of George V in 1935?)

Production / Donor Details: Donor's grandfather, Sir Francis Walter F Jackson was Chief Commissioner, Gold Coast (Ghana) 1934-36.



  • Jackson Collection: 13: Ashanti political gathering (Archive)
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