Jackson Collection: 16: Gold Coast Sports day

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2005/092/016).


Sports Day. Tamale? Football field with crowds of African spectators on the touchline. Small boys play the game, which requires them to eat an apple suspended from a string without using their hands or arms. Continuous procession of boys taking part in high jump competition. British colonial men and women not uniform generally in charge of the proceedings African women with panniers on their heads race against one another as fast as they can. Group of British couples in garden of bungalow pose for the camera with their small children who play with their pet dogs. Then small children play in the garden with pets and on their bikes. Grounds of Convent School, St Monica, Mawpang? African Girls dance and play happily under the supervision of nun dressed in a white habit and wearing a white topee. The final scene shows an older nun with thick pebble lens glasses (the Sister G referred to the filmmaker's notes?).

Production / Donor Details: Donor's grandfather, Sir Francis Walter F Jackson was Chief Commissioner, Gold Coast (Ghana) 1934-36.



  • Jackson Collection: 16: Gold Coast Sports day (Archive)
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