Jackson Collection: 21: Cattle market and Kings Parade - Northern Territories

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2005/092/021).


Gold Coast. Northern Territories Cattle fair on flat open ground on outskirts of village. British colonial officer in Auctioneer's hutch with roof undertakes Auction before crowd of local people. Other British colonial officers on hand to organize matters. Tribesmen with their cattle and local women with children look on. British official open top car with boxes of picnic supply on ground beside it. Close up camera studies of local women and men. "King's Birthday Parade" on flat open sports field. The Governor with 2 British military officers in attendance inspects the ranks of drawn up African troops. March past by the troops in front of Governor who stands to take the salute by flagpole from which flies the Union Jack. In the small grandstand behind the flagpole sit group of other British colonial officers and wives. The Governor is escorted by officials and introduced to local African dignitaries who all wear and display their British medals and decorations. The Governor seated in his official open top car leaves the ceremony with an escort of African mounted lancers. The British officers salute. The large crowd disperses slowly. Aged local leader dressed in embroidered jacket and mounted on his horse with necklace of insignia and decorations, which show the emblem of the cross. Arrival at village of chief on horsebacks with mounted entourage who are greeted by local young men of whom some play musical instruments. Young noble man who is finely dressed in colourful costume proudly displays his Arab stallion and his riding skill in front of village people. Tall strongly built African warrior who is stripped to the waist stands and displays for the camera the tribal cuts to the flesh of his face.

Production / Donor Details: Donor's grandfather, Sir Francis Walter F Jackson was Chief Commissioner, Gold Coast (Ghana) 1934-36.



  • Jackson Collection: 21: Cattle market and Kings Parade - Northern Territories (Archive)
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