Jackson Collection: 23: Waterworks constructing and opening

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2005/092/023).


Gold Coast. Kumasi Saw mill: chipping machinery with wheels and pulleys in full action and being fed by workmen. Two British supervising are glimpsed out side the building. Workmen at Cement mixing plant on building construction site for Kumasi Water Works. Gang of workmen constructing the dam walls of the embankment and the Reservoir bed. The wooden framework for the building works. Two British official inspect the framework into which the cement is being poured and lark about for the camera. Inter Title "Opening Kumasi Water Works. March 1934" Assembled and organized crowds await the Ceremony .Old African with withered arm and dressed in skirt of leaves and carrying a mace stands in front of crowd. Arrival of Governor in official car. He is lead to the margin of the crowd and individuals are singled out and introduced to him. He goes up onto the official dais to which local chiefs are brought forward to shake his hand. An African Aide in white suit and topee then directs the chiefs as to their way from the dais. The Governor on the dais turns wheel to start the water spurting from a fountain sited in front of the Dais An official checks that the flow is adequate and the people from the crowd rush foreword to examine the fountain and to celebrate.

Production / Donor Details: Donor's grandfather, Sir Francis Walter F Jackson was Chief Commissioner, Gold Coast (Ghana) 1934-36.



  • Jackson Collection: 23: Waterworks constructing and opening (Archive)
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