Barron Collection: 2: Scenes in Cyprus

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2004/007/002).


British couple working with the Air Ministry Works Department living off base among Greek-Cypriots. Greek wedding & party and Greek Orthodox priest. Country life. Camels. Floods. Forests. Troodos Mountians. Coastal scenery. Coastal shipping. Byzantine & Roman ruins Ancient Orthodox churches. Crusader castles. Minaret tower. Turkish Cypriot townscape. Coastal views of shorelines, forts, ruins (Byzantine and Crusader), harbours and town centre. Sequences show both the poorer economy and the afluent.

Production / Donor Details: Harry and Mary Barron served in Cyprus from 1954 to the early 1960s. Mr Barron worked at the Air Ministry Works Department.



  • Barron Collection: 2: Scenes in Cyprus (Archive)
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Barron Collection

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8mm VHS

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