Alley Collection 1: Scenes in Tanganyika

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2007/011/001).


St. Alban's church (Lutheran) on Azania Front.

A street scene showing a shop selling kangas.

Twiga Hotel - the most modern hotel at that time.

The Buddhist temple in Garden Avenue.

The pombe (beer) market.

Making the beer in oil drums

(Objections were made to filming the beer drinkers in the covered market and so this episode could not be completed.)

Fire engine sequence: three engines driving out of the fire station. Landrover engine turns to camera and drives past. Shots are repeated in order to follow the cyclist, but the next intended sequence was not filmed.

Fruit and vegetable market, bargaining for oranges. The Kikapu (basket) is made from woven palm leaves.

Disembarking from the ferry at Ferry Point.

Street scenes.

American embassy.

Newspaper seller.

Rex hotel.

Street scene.

Potter at work: note the fly wheel being set in motion by the use of a stick.

Sir Edward Twining, Governor of Tanganyika agreed to be filmed in full dress uniform and later wearing the cloak.



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Alley Collection

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Ray Alley for the Dar es Salaam Cine Club