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The Governor of Bengal's annual inspection of bodyguard: arrival of the Calcutta `Season' with the new Viceroy of India Lord Irwin.

Main title (7). "Inspection of Body-Guards By His Excellency Lord Lytton, Governor of Bengal" (9). Victor Lytton, 2nd Earl of Lytton, mounts a horse and, accompanied by other mounted officers, rides off to inspect the body guard. Lytton is dressed in a frock coat and topi. Lytton and others ride through ranks of Indian lancers (98). Lytton takes the salute as the parade of lancers passes (209). The wife of Major Henry (who commanded the bodyguard) and her two daughters along with Hermione Lytton, daughter of Lord Lytton, pose for camera (235). MS of Hermione and Lytton (251). They enter car (263). "Arrival of Their Excellencies The Viceroy and Lady Irwin at Howrah Station." (274). Lord and Lady Lytton alight from car and are greeted by dignitaries. Lord Lytton wears his ceremonial uniform (322). MCU Lady Lytton and her daughters (333). The Lyttons stand by the train. Lord Irwin (Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax and 1st Baron Irwin) alights from train with his wife, Dorothy. They stand for the playing of the National Anthem and are greeted by the Lyttons and other dignitaries (412). The party enters carriages (426). In ceremonial parade from the station through the streets of Calcutta (481); HAS along Harrison Road (487); and Central Avenue (554). "At Govt. House" (558). Pan of Government House with ranks of soldiers and dignitaries (581). The carriages arrive preceeded by lancers. The occupants alight and stand for the National Anthem (647). Inspection of the guard of honour (698). HAS from Government House looking down on the party as they enter the house (717). The End (718ft).




Technical Data

Running Time:
8 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
718 ft

Production Credits

Production Company
Madan Theatres