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INTEREST. Voyage through the Mediterranean, special emphasis on Royal Navy ships in the sea.

r.1 Shots of the sea and coasts representing Ulysses' voyage northward from the Mediterranean (72). The S.S. "Ionian" in the bay of Gibraltar on her way south (103). Unloading stores into lighters (122). The ship in the bay, slow PAN harbour (154). The Captain uses a sextant to "shoot" the sun (175). The second engineer takes engine-room temperature (193). The engines; stoking the coal furnaces (222). Smoke from the funnel, waves, as the ship moves out (233). A sailor draws up a sample of sea-water and takes the temperature (249). Men rig awnings as a protection against the sun (261). One of the apprentices doing some washing in a bucket (273). Washing hung out to dry on deck; a man resting in the sun (286). The sea; the ship's log trailing in the water (300). The radio operator calls Malta (305). Gozo in the distance (321). The cable sent by the radio man (330). Shots of Valletta harbour (368); the Naval dockyard and floating dock - in the dock is the battleship "Barham" (368-392) - various ships (417). "Ionian" unloads metal goods for Malta's workshops, ship's officers watching (473). Tugs pull lighters away (504). The Blue Peter flying (511). Shots of harbour as "Ionian" moves out (532); a three-masted ship (538), and liners (574). "Ionian" at sea; men off duty (618); bo'sun and deckhands making canvas boat covers (651); some men bringing food out on deck (670); oiling winch cables (684) and rigging new blocks (706). Radio call to Alexandria (740). Alexandria lighthouse in the distance (751-757). Nearer the harbour (768); Imperial Airways plane comes down on the water (787), the battleship "Malaya" in the background (816). Unloading explosives from the "Ionian" (858); unloading stores (874), crates of aircraft parts (890), chains and anchors (930), and cement (945). Dhows (966).

r.2 Cable to Haifa (15). "Ionian" in the harbour (35), shot through porthole of the harbour (66). Four destroyers "Garland", "Grafton", "Griffin", and "Greyhound" in LS (88); closer shot of one of them (118). Unloading corrugated iron from "Ionian" (146). Mt. Carmel behind the harbour (167). Radio operator listening in (187). Shots of harbour as "Ionian" leaves (203). Famagusta (244), closer shot of Church of St. Nicholas (?) behind the harbour (253). Unloading from "Ionian" (280). "Ionian" lying near the cruiser "Shropshire" (290-304) just out of Larnaka. Unloading from "Ionian" (340). "Ionian" leaves for Kyrene (374-410). Shots of her loading (440). Limasol (458). Paphos (495). "Ionian" leaving Cyprus (511). Carts on the quay at Alexandria (537), loading on to the "Ionian" (549). "Ionian" steams out past the cruisers "Amphitryon" (625) and "Malaya" (634). Stoking (650). The battleship "Warspite" (661). Four unnamed ships (688). Gibraltar (740-750). The Seven Sisters (762-767). "Ionian" unloading by Tower Bridge (792). "Ionian" moving out at night (872).



  • HER LAST TRIP (Alternative)

Technical Data

Running Time:
20 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
1840 ft

Production Credits

JENNINGS, Humphrey
Central Office of Information
Production Company
GPO Film Unit