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INTEREST. Fijians basket making and hand dancing. (No main title) `The Fijian can make a fish basket in five minutes'. Man in t-shirt and knee length sarong sits cross-ankled on low seat. Cuts 9-foot palm frond into three. Using central section he plaits together the leaves from opposite sides of the stem. He slits the central stem twice lengthways and discards the tough central strip, so that outer strips form the basket mouth. A `pigtail' of leaves at each end is tied together making a handle. (52 ft) `They call this a dance in these islands. But it's a queer dance when they only wave their arms and sit on their feet'. An oblique line of 15 women with garlands and shortish hair sit crosslegged. Together they sway forwards and sideways with head, arm and hand movements, clapping and pointing, but not singing. Men behind clap or beat scarcely seen drums. Front view of 3 women. (80) `These sitting down dances are easier than the tango'. Shots of 3 women, the line and CU of 2 women. (116) `It's rather like "Hunt the Slipper" isn't it?' Front view of 7 women with more elaborate hairdos doing similar hand dance. 7 men behind clap or play scarcely seen hand and stick drums. (141 ft)



  • FIJIANS (Archive)

Technical Data

Running Time:
2 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
141 ft

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