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DOCUMENTARY. A report on the political situation in Aden and the role of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Includes an interview with Lt. Col. Colin Campbell Mitchell.

Rediffusion logo (00:04). Opening theme for THIS WEEK. No main title. British troops disgorge from the back of an armoured personnel carrier; soldier orders two occupants of a barber shop to leave the shop; other soldier checks the shop; the men are searched (0:31). Lt. Col. Colin Campbell Mitchell with other officer surveys from a vantage point the suburb Crater (?) of Aden. Mitchell seen with other officer and reporter Llew Gardner. Mitchell discusses terrorism and tactics and the recent (June 1967) attack on the British Army in which a number of soldiers died, over backdrop of the town (03:02). Pan in on the street of the incident (?) (03:14). HAS looking down on army patrol (03:33). Patrol runs up alley past camera and knocks on door; other members of the patrol take up guard position while officer climbs onto roof. Voice over discusses the warring Aden factions NLF and FLOSY (04:24). Gardner interviews leader of the patrol [Major Ian MacKie (?)] about the role of the army in Aden (05:13). Gap in film (05:21). Travelling shot from jeep patrol led by Mitchell. Voice over of Gardner discussing Mitchell. Jeep patrol stops car and Arab man gets out of car with hands in the air, told not to speed (05:57). Patrol question a youth, through an interpreter, about the contents of a sack he had been carrying (06:31). Interview with Mitchell in which he discusses the role of the Argylls, why he requested to be sent to Aden, and the ambush (07:32). The pipe band of the Argylls(07:50); LS of Mitchell by the parade ground (07:56); various shots of the band (08:19). General Tarr (?) of the Argylls arrives at a parade of the Aden police; he alights from car and is introduced to the Chief of Police (?), Mitchell in attendance (08:55). Interview with the Chief of Police about the number of men under his command, desertions and plans for the future (09:52). LS of armed security on roof top overlooking parade ground. General inspects police band with bagpipes (09:59). CU of armoured car (10:07). Group of British soldiers look on; pan right to parade ground (10:12). Inspection by the general walking through ranks (10:19). Armed sailor and soldiers look on (10:21). Armoured car (10:22). The general continues inspection ((10:26). Close view of stand and Major Ian MacKie (10:30). Policeman plays bagpipes, in background is the saluting stand (10:33). General invited to stand and take salute (10:40). LS of parade as general takes salute (10:49). Closer view of the parade as the band turns (10:57). Close shot of the stand and the officers including Major Ian MacKie (?) (11:08). MacKie seen issuing orders for an army cordon. He is interviewed by Gardner about the cordon and raid. MacKie points out the alleged site of a FLOSY meeting and the patrol (not seen by camera). Patrol officer reports back and is directed by MacKie to take in the members of the meeting (12:15). Men are marched, hands up, to lorries and loaded onto them; marched to HQ - The Chartered Bank. Voice over discusses rising tension between army, especially the Argylls, and the Arabs (13:03). Gap in film (13:11). Interview with Mitchell as he discusses the regiment and loyalty (14:33). Patrol on guard, in background is grafitti for NLF and FLOSY, voice over discusses proposed independence (14:51). Patrol passes beggar in street, CU of same (14:58). LS and pan back of docks (15:07). Interview with Sir Humphrey Trevelyan, British High Commissioner in Aden, who discusses the Government's position towards Aden and the situation of the army (17:34). Interview with Mitchell who discusses morale, pulling out of Aden, soldiering, the demise of the British Empire, the political malaise of Britian, and the modern army ethos. Voice over continues over images of soldiers relaxing (19:20-42); Mitchell continues (19:46). On armoured lorry patrol with paratroop commander Colonel Walsh who points out patrols and terrorist attack sites and discusses the future of Aden, army morale and soldiering. Travelling shots of the streets of Aden. Travelling shot of the British Army camp (21:48). Troops play football; shots of spectators (22:12). Some troops interviewed about what they think they may die for while in Aden; most answer `nothing', one answers £12 per week (22:59). Silent Valley British Army graveyard. Irish Guards Colonel, adjutant and regimental sergeant major walk through graveyard and arrange ceremony for honouring their dead. The Colonel is interviewed about the role of the army and what his men died for (25:02). Mitchell discusses death and next assignment (25:20). Two soldiers at the graveyard take photographs (25:54). The soldiers are interviewed about why there are in Aden, the future of Aden, and what they may die for if killed there (26:47). Tattered Union Flag flies over graveyard. Soldiers cross graveyard (27:17). Rediffusion logo (27:37).



  • LAST POST (Alternative)
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THIS WEEK [ITV/Rediffusion, 1956-68]

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