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ACTUALITY. A record of the second Everest expedition showing the journey from Darjeeling to Tibet, activities of the Tibetans, and the climb itself. Released in five parts.

Rl.1 Part I - The Long Road To Tibet. Map of India giving location of the mountain (39-62); the passport granted to the Expedition by the Dalai Lama of Lhasa (84-91); translation (91-120); General Bruce, leader of the expedition, talking to hillmen (149-167); party leaving a building in Darjeeling (176-198); scenes in Darjeeling bazaar (208- 302); Sherpa porters (343-351); route to Everest demonstrated on relief map (366-407); Expedition party travelling by mountain railway through Teesta Valley of Sikkim (418-578); Sikkim railway station (587-599); baggage being loaded on to mules (605-688); caravan setting off (589-700); bathing in a stream (708-726); trek continues (799); exploring the forests (807-826); C.U. land leech (884-920); Nepalese shepherd and tribesmen (930-977); riverside scenes (983-1134); native bridge (1143-1203); crossing the river by means of single rope (1203-1224 ft).

Rl.2 Part II - Our Adventures In Tibet. Route in relief (20-41); reception in Tibetan village (49-76); Tibetan women weaving (84-128); woman with bobbed hair, in close-up (135-140); woman with amulet and head-dress (149-177); women preparing food (184-205); lamas with prayer wheels (218-231); Tibetan dancers (242-287); Shekar monastery (299- 395); castle of Tibetan governor (401-581); Governor with Expedition members (419-475); mounted archers shooting from the saddle (486-581); and from thje ground (586-623); fording a river (631-755); on trek (757-765); a pilgrim to the mountain measuring his length on the ground at every pace (775-817); journey to, and arrival at, Rongbuk Monastery (826-867); visitng the Lama (877-1080)(1092 ft).

Rl.3 Part III - A Strange Religous Dance Festival In Tibet. People preparing for festival (133); C.U. Grand Lama of Rongbuk (174-183); receiving homage (204); dances commence (235-281); dance of the cemetery ghouls (286-386); devil dance (389-498); dance of the little goblins (504- 538); dance of the god of anger (541-573); typical Tibetans in audience (677- 791); pageant of the gods, including procession with musical instruments (796-937)(950 ft).

Rl.4 Part IV - Laying Siege To The Great Mountain. Main camp being prepared (46-106); Strutt, Longstaff, Morshead and Norton setting off to explore glaciers for depot camps (124-195); relief map of sites selected (274); carrying equipment to upper camps (281-365); arrival at No.2 camp (373-509); negotiating snow and ice formations (653); eating meal at No.3 camp (665-735 ft).

Rl.5 Part V - The Assault On The Mountain. Relief drawing showing establishment of further camps (52-102); climbers on North Col seen from No.3 camp (112-117); crossing a crevasse (121-179); camp on North Col at 23,00ft (187-207); views of N.E. ridge (216-240); diagrams of climbers' position (261); clouds over North Col (269-339); mountain summit (339-398); telescopic view of climbers at 25,000ft (418-505); descent to Camp 3 (514-552); Morshead's frost-bitten hands being treated (564-583); Finch and Bruce preparing for second attempt, using oxygen (595-693); Dr Wakefield (700- 704); start of climb (710-778); relief map of position (810); N.E. ridge (815- 819); telescopic view at 24,500ft (830-871); views of summit (937). The End. (944 ft).

"Total Footage": 4,945

"Note": Members of the expedition shown include Brigadier-General the Hon. C.G. Bruce, Captain J.C. Bruce, Dr T.G. Longstaff, Major H.T. Morshead, Colonel E.F. Norton, Captain G.I. Finch, E.L. Strutt and Dr A.W. Wakefield.




Technical Data

Running Time:
55 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
4941 ft

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