This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: ADM 1317).


Carrier strike on Emmahaven and Indaroeng, Padang in South-West Sumatra.

HA.MS aft along the deck of HMS Indomitable to a running range of Barracudas - camera pans to follow the first aircraft as it takes off, then holds on the lip of the deck as seven more follow, before shooting aft and panning to follow the flight of the ninth aircraft. LS to formation of Barracudas in low sun sky. Barracuda goes past with hook down after aborting a landing. HA.MS aft as three Barracudas land on in a rainstorm - HMS Howe is on the port quarter but distant and obscured by the squall. HA.MS sequence as four Hellcats take off - the carrier has come round into the wind and Howe is now crossing her course. XLS to companion carrier Victorious, Howe passing left to right through frame in mid-ground. HA sequence as flight of Hellcats alights, camera panning between aircraft landing on and those struck down on lift. HMS Victorious retrieves Corsairs. CU of Navigation Officer at work - he pricks chart of waters about Ceylon. CU of unsmiling Captain Eccles. CU of Rear-Admiral Moody. Bridge scene - Captain Eccles at left of screen. HA.MS as crew man the side for entering Trincomalee - a boom defence vessel waits for the carrier to pass. Cut to on deck MS aft panning forward as a Hellcat takes off - the camera then holds on the lip oft the flight deck as a second aircraft takes off through the frame. Third Hellcat takes off - the wind direction indicator is in operation and the close escort is making a lot of smoke, possibly as another pilot aid. Forth Hellcat takes off. Pan across task force - Howe, Victorious, County and Colony Class cruisers and a destroyer. XLS distant aircraft. A tractor tows a Hellcat to lift to be struck down - HA down lift well as aircraft descends to hangar deck. MCU and good HA as another Hellcat is struck down. LS of HMS Cumberland. Various shots of Victorious and Howe - camera on hangar deck. CU of fairlead with wake in background. LS past canvas protected Oerlikon on hangar deck to Howe framed in scuttle, LSs of capital ships - weather thickening. LA as Barracuda sheers off with hook down, and shot from beneath round down as second aircraft lands on successfully. Further shots of capital units - a rain squall has come on and the sea has increased. Cut to HA from island, carrier in calmer conditions, Howe holding station nearby, Victorious launching and then recovering Corsairs. Final HA sequence during rainstorm - a Barracuda has landed badly and nosed forward to peck the propeller - the aircraft is now supported at the tail by a small mobile crane as the deck crew push her forward over the lowered crash barrier and fold wings prior to striking her down.



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11 minutes
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1059 ft

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