This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: ADM 1573).


I. HMS Fenton acts out the interception of some unseen coastal traffic. CUs of men on the bridge - signalman looking through binoculars, Officer of the Watch, Captain Hart, the Navigation Officer. A flag signal is hoisted - presumably ordering the suspect to heave to - and the ship's motor boat is started up and lowered. A boarding party armed with Sterling SMGs is sent off under the command of a Midshipman, with a Cypriot policeman present to translate. The boarding party returns and the boat is hoisted onboard and secured. Cut to LS off the starboard beam of HMS Undine at anchor in bay at Famagusta. Fenton anchors.

II. Patrol Boat No 4 at sea. MS aft to the boat's wake as she heads out to sea from Famagusta. The CO, a Sub-Lieutenant, is on the bridge. MCU through the cabin windows to the coxswain at the wheel. LA as the boat passes left to right close under the bows of the anchored RFA Blue Ranger. Signalman holds Aldis lamp. CO with binoculars. PB 4 proceeds along the coast to a rendezvous with PB 3, after which the two boats keep company. Cut to cameraship going alongside at Famagusta - nearby is HMS Roddington (M.1177). Sequence showing ratings loading stores - sacks of loaves and tinned foods go aboard PB 4.

III. Sequence onboard HMS Undine showing two pipers of the Gordon Highlanders playing to men of the ship's company - the audience does not seem entranced but applauds dutifully. One man wears the cap-ribbon of the Royal Naval Base Famagusta, HMS Aphrodite. MS as HMS Fenton (M.1135) passes the frigate.

IV. Nicosia. Sequence inside operations room. General Goodbody, Director Royal Artillery Cyprus, and Brigadier Gregson, Commanding Officer Royal Artillery Cyprus, talk with Captain White, Captain Operations Cyprus, and his staff. The three senior officers try to stare intelligently at the map spread on the plotting table. A Lieutenant-Commander RN and a RAF officer discuss air patrols. A Lieutenant marks positions on a wall map.

V. Onboard HMS Fenton. HA aft down starboard side, at sea in rough weather. Crew man twin 20mm and 40mm AA - the Bofors fires off a few rounds. LA of the front of the open bridge, a perspective which emphasises the roll of the ship. View over the starboard bow - demonstrating pitch. Cut to party on forecastle as Fenton secures alongside Blue Ranger in calm, sunny conditions. A fuel line is brought onboard. After fuelling, the deck is hosed down and scrubbed.

VI. Royal Naval Base at Famagusta. Shots of the ships alongside - minesweepers, patrol boats and landing craft. Tight security is maintained within the base: a bearded CPO stands guard, a Sterling slung over his shoulder; two officers walk past - the Lieutenant-Commander wears a revolver; one of Fenton's crew serves as sentry, patrolling the quayside in front of the ship. LA showing washed canvas gaiters and belts hung out to dry on the minesweeper's guardrail. The base is visited by Admiral Sir Guy Grantham, C-in-C Mediterranean Station - he is seen leaving Fenton to be met by Rear-Admiral Brock, Flag Officer Middle East, and Lieutenant-Commander Rogers, CO of Aphrodite. Captain Hutchins, Captain Minesweepers, Captain Hirley, and Captain Haworth of Aphrodite are also present. The Admiral talks with a midshipman. He inspects RN lorries and the temporary accommodation huts, and addresses all ranks of patrol boat men in a small informal gathering on the quayside. The Admiral departs in a staff car. Cut to MS of HMS Leverton (M.1161) as she approaches the quayside and secures. LS-MS as PB 3, commanded by Sub-Lieutenant Beattie, returns to Famagusta after a 10-day patrol.

Minesweepers and motor launches carry out patrols along the coast from the RN base at Famagusta.



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31 minutes
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2850 ft

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