GAUMONT GRAPHIC 1104 (fragment)

This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: IWM 1082-02a).


I. Newsreel item on General Pershing and the US Army of Occupation, in Britain on its way home, October 1921.

I. A troopship carrying Lieutenant-General John Pershing and US soldiers comes into Dover harbour, where it is met by the local garrison commander. Then a formal ceremony in London, in which Pershing joins in a British military procession to Westminster Abbey, where he presents the Unknown Warrior with the US Congressional Medal of Honor. He then goes on to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall (note the cine-cameraman at work).

II. Newsreel item on a student rag at a Paris Engineering College, October 1921.

II. The camera, from a safe high angle, records the students milling around in the quadrangle being showered with water and conducting a mock bullfight.

III. Newsreel item on a sea angling festival at Hastings, October 1921.

III. The Fifth Annual Festival of the National Federation of Sea Anglers starts with the small rowing boats putting out to sea and the anglers starting their rod-and-line fishing. Interested spectators watch from the beach.

IV. Newsreel item on a Salvation Army ship about to sail from Hull to India, October 1921.

IV. According to the captions, the Salvation Army team, gathered from all over the world, is about to sail for missionary activity in India. They parade through the streets and board the SS Calypso for their journey. Many of them are Indian, and wear Salvation Army uniform with a turban. Some of the women, Indian or not, wear saris. They display the Salvation Army banner.


Title: this appears on the first caption, which heads the second subject of the newsreel

Technical: this fragment is currently held on the same reel as films IWM 1082-02b-d, the can is marked as IWM 1082-02



  • GAUMONT GRAPHIC 1104 (fragment)

Technical Data

Running Time:
6 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
333 ft

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