This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: JYY 46-2).


I. "Grand Imperial military revue." Emperor Hirohito on horseback takes salute at parade of Imperial forces (at Yoyoki ?) on 8 January. Prodigious successes in first month of war have led to collapse of Anglo-American aspirations in East Asia. Infantry, planes, tanks (Light tank Type 95 Special Model with inverted bogie arms, Light tank Type 95 HA-GO) and motorised units (6-ton artillery tractor type 98 Isuzu towing 150mm H Type 96 gun, Isuzu 1 1/2-ton 6x4 truck as artillery prime mover) pass by. Military units then pass through streets of Tokyo where Japanese express their pride, confidence and gratitude by waving flags.

II. "Review of naval fusiliers." Members of the Japanese Naval Air Force and Japanese Navy march past the Admiral in command of Yokosuka naval base. Visible in the background is the preserved flagship of admiral Tojo at the battle of Tsushima, Mikasa, whose spirit seems to be present. Mitsubishi G3M and G4M1s fly past, with Mount Fuji in the background "symbolising the high ideals followed by Japan".

III. "The Japanese Navy and the Blockade." Map of China's 5300-kilometre coastline shows the area blockaded by the Navy. Kagero Class destroyers in line astern, signalling, and challenging a small junk suggest vigilance of Japanese naval forces. Nakajima E8N (?) reconnaissance seaplane is catapulted off and heavy guns of Ise Class battleship fire salvoes against inshore waters.

IV. "Bombing of Kunming." Airmen salute the rising sun. Mitsubishi G3M2s take off and fly towards Kunming, a stronghold of the Chungking government which has long been pursuing a lost war. Bomb explosions in the town are clearly visible.

V. "Sumatra." Native Sumatrans wave as Kawasaki Ki-48s take off to bomb Medan to the accompaniment of the Ride of the Valkyries on the track. Bombs are released and explode on the airfield. "Nothing remains of the Dutch Air Force." Meanwhile Japanese fleet nears Malaya and the Straits of Singapore. Kawanishi H6K flying boat and Mitsubishi Ki-30 fly overhead. Japanese will "break once and for all the chains holding down the peoples of Asia and ensure the peace of the world". Naval guns fire.




Technical Data

Running Time:
10 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
892 ft

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Production company
Nippon Eigasha