This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: MGH 2825).


Reel 1:

00:00 Pan on deck of ship, presumably the SS Duchess of Richmond, a church service (commemorative?) is held. Some of the ships officers are attending and a number of civilian men are wearing medals.

00:08 Ashore a large party of men and women in civilian dress climb a ramp towards an archway.

00:14 Views of ancient ruins, probably at Pompeii. Views of a forum, amphitheatre and mosaic.

02:47 Funicular railway. View of Mount Vesuvius, through drifting cloud, discharging ash or smoke. Lava flows.

03:40 Standing on the lava flow, a shorter man pulls a hood over the head of a much taller man next to him. More views of the lava flows.

04:44 Views from the funicular railway.

04:54 At sea with views of the horizon and buildings on the coast.

05:24 Views of Athens. Party at a large stadium. Views of the Acropolis. Looking down into an ampitheatre (?).

07:32 Jolting views over rooftops. More views of ruins and rooftops. Statuary.

09:26 Deck games on the Duchess of Richmond; women play coits. A couple; one a bald man with mustache and overcoat, the other a woman wearing fur. An older man, grey haired with jacket and waistcoat, behind him a sign reads Muster Station D. Four people, a couple (?) both in hats, and two more hatless, probably somewhat younger. Group with tea trays on deck. Man in flat cap, standing at the same point near the muster station. Larger group, including the four seen together earlier; a man with a folding still camera walks towards the cameraman. Man standing on the (portside?) boatdeck with suit, bowler hat, furled umbrella and brief case (looking ostentatiously business-like?).

10:43 Young boy, probably less than ten, standing in a garden against a patch of tall flowers.

10:47 END

Reel 2:

00:00 Lancashire Landing cemetery.

00:04 General view of Helles and Achi Baba.

00:11 X Beach.

00:23 Dugouts and trenches.

00:41 Gully beach with beached craft.

00:52 Views of entrance to Gully Ravine. At one point a man appears to gesture with a stick or pole as if it were a rifle.

01:50 Trenches on Fusilier Bluff.

02:02 View south from Fusilier Bluff along coast.

02:14 View north from Fusilier Bluff along coast.

02:25 Front line trenches.

03:36 Views of Achi Baba from Krithia Road. Two members of the party wave from the back of a pony cart.

03:55 Views of Sedd el Bahr fort.

04:26 Ruins of Sedd el Bahr village.

04:32 Rest camp area.

05:20 Trenches and gully in Achi Baba Nullah area.

07:29 The cameraman takes an increasingly close interest in a tortoise. Someone in the party kicks the tortoise several times to make it move.

07:50 More of trenches and gully in Achi Baba Nullah area.

08:09 END

Reel 3:

00:00 Small Turkish steamer passes camera. Views of the Dardanelles.

00:17 Gallipoli veterans aboard the Duchess oF Richmond.

00:28 Views of the Duchess of Richmond.

00:41 Lone Pine Cemetery.

01:01 Lone Pine area and 400 Plateau.

01:09 View west from 400 Plateau pannng across Monash Valley up to Baby 700.

01:42 Chunak Bair, Turkish soldiers and nearby memorials. Includes a shot of a headstone but too overexposed to read.

02:15 Interesting sequence in which the cameraman goes over the top to look east from Chunak Bair to the Narrows.

02:45 View west from Chunak Bair panning across Suvla Bay.

03:08 View west from Chunuk Bair to Table Top.

03:35 View west from Chunuk Bair of Russells Top, Ari Burneu, and Sphinx area.

03:54 View from Russells Top to east panning from Lone Pine to Baby 700.

04:23 View from Russells Top west of Razor Edge and Plugges Plateau.

04:38 View of Sphinx from Rest Gully.

04:48 View of Sphinx from North Beach (Anzac Cove).

04:55 View south from Ari Burneu to Hell Spit.

05:10 View north from Hell Spit to Ari Burneu.

05:23 View from Anzac Cove to Plugges Plateau.

05:27 Shrapnel Gully cemetery.

05:43 Shrapnel Gully to Monash Valley.

05:54 View south from Anzac Cove to Gaba Tepe. Motor transport heading away from camera. Small boats with Duchess of Richmond in the background. Female member of the party on beach, possibly the same as seen in Reel 1, with the man in bowler hat, and another man.

06:20 Duchess of Richmond.

06:26 Views of the Narrows and Chunuk Castle.

06:36 Chanakally Fort. Flock of seabirds wheeling over the water.

06:52 Coastline from the sea, panning from Sedd el Bahr to V Beach cemetery.

07:21 Fort No.1.

07:25 Helles memorial; camera looks at sections of names but difficult to know which is of interest.

07:52 View panning across W Beach.

08:14 END

Amateur film shot by Major G B Horridge (who fought with 5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers at Cape Helles from 5 May to 15 September 1915) records sites visited during the Gallipoli Pilgrimage organised by the Royal Naval Division in 1934.


Horridge, in his correspondence now in the Acquisitions File, gives the date of this pilgrimage as 1935. This seems likely, however, to have been a misrecollection as the tour he filmed occurred in April 1934.




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Horridge, G B (Major)