WRIGHT STUFF[02/08/2001]

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A McDonald's franchise holder has been fined for breach of child labour laws. 'Jobs for Kids'. Are children being exploited or gaining independence. Includes phone interview with Ray Jethra (TUC Youth Officer).

Is the Ministry of Defence's right to pay out a pension to the common law wife of an SAS soldier who died last in Sierra Leone last year? 'SAS Mum Payout Right?'

The Prime Minister is visiting Argentina. 'Give Back the Falklands?' Includes phone interview with Simon Weston (Falklands veteran).

Are bald men sexy?

On film - Charles Lambert asks the opinions of the people of Maidstone.

Hester Bateman monitors the phone calls, faxes and emails.

Daily Express columnist Carol Sarler joins in the discussion.



  • WRIGHT STUFF[02/08/2001]
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