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Compilation of Northern Spotlights no's 1-7.

Remote Beauty Spots. [Northen Spotlight No 1]. A visit by three South African delegates to Abercorn and the surrounding area, to investigate tourism posibilities. c. 50ft.

The Sovereign's Birthday. [Northern Spotlight No 3]. Governor General at an official parade for the Queen's official birthday. An inspection of the troops and the investiture of various people. c. 70ft.

Hospital Opening At Broken Hill. [Northern Spotlight No 2]. Opening by the Governor General and a tour of the interior, eg operating theatres. c. 60ft.

Mainly For The Farmer. [Northern Spotlight No 3]. A display of farmimg equipment at an agricultural show. A speech by the Governor General, Katete at a show 21/06/1952. c. 90ft.

The Scourge Of Africa. [Northern Spotlight No 7]. Archive footage of a red locust plague. Research carried out at Abercorn and the co-ordination of a defence against the swarms. Locust control in rainy seasons. The use of powder and liquid insecticides. c. 170ft.

1952 The Year The Rains Came. [Northern Spotlight No 2]. Flooding at Lusaka, broken dams. c. 80ft.

King's African Rifles Leave For Malaya. [Northern Spotlight No 1]. Sir Geoffrey Colby (Governor General of Nyasaland) at a farewell parade. The soldiers depart by train. c. 40ft.

Copperbelt Tribal Dancers. [Northern Spotlight No 2]. c. 50ft.

Recording The Songs Of Central Africa. [Northern Spotlight No 5]. Central Africa Broad Centre, Lusaka. Alec Nkatha? singing and being recorded for posterity. c. 50ft.

African Chief Benefits His People. [Northen Spotlight No 5]. The Governor General opens a new `African school' at Manwali?. Chief Mukabela? converts the custom of killing cattle on death to creating a new school. c. 20ft.

Sportsman Of The Year. [Northern Spotlight No 1]. Piers Beaumont at Inkana refinery and practising for the 100 yards. c. 30ft.

Scouts From Far And Wide At Jamboree. [Northern Spotlight No 4]. Representatives from Central Africa inspected by the Governor General. c 70ft.

On The Road To The East. [Northern Spotlight No 3]. Between Port Johnson and Lusaka. The creation of resthouses. c. 25ft.

Future Pleasure Resort. [Northern Spotlight No 5]. The lake at Wangpuli. The development of the resort. c. 20ft.

Spotlight On Chishimba Falls. [Northern Spotlight No 7]. c 30ft.

Spotlight On Lundazi. [Northern Spotlight No 6]. The architecture of the district, the production of mica, a `white father's' mission, catching fish by hand. c. 130ft.




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16mm Film
1100 ft

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