This film is held by the BFI (ID: 440251).


INTEREST. Record of a journey in Africa, possibly in Nigeria.

No titles. Europeans stand by a train (1 frame). Logs seen floating in the sea. The sea can be seen stretching to the horizon. At another angle the land can be seen a a thin strip of land (75). A settlement; two barges and a tug are docked at a pier (110). On the beach Africans bathe, the settlement can be seen in the background (142). A small, weather-beaten merchant ship at anchor (175). Three African women pose for camera (189). CU of same (208). Three other women pose (225). CU of same (243). CU of one of the women (out of focus (279). View fom beach, pan right of settlement and shore (299). Street scene - the market (317). The beach, pan along to settlement (344). LS of crowds at market, pan left (375). Closer view of same (412). Road lined with palms; Africans walk along (429). MS of group of Africans posing for camera, carrying goods on their heads (451). A stream (473). A stone bridge, crossed by two African men; pan left to show building with waterwheel in action (497). A European crosses a landscaped piece of jungle, the camera follows him right to left then left to right (540). The settlement seen from the sea, pan left along coast (576). A herd of cattle on the beach (598). Travelling shot from boat of coastline, promontary, another settlement, islands and rocks (664). A small boat with the Union Jack passes right to left, the deck of the ship from which it is filmed can be seen (687). The first settlement and coastline as seen in (540-576) (715). Travelling shot from boat of larger settlement with docks, pier, warehouse and houses going up hillside. Steamers and boats docked by the settlement (760). Africans and native boats on quayside, pan left to show rest of dock (791). Africans (mainly young boys) in costume pose for camera, most carry bundles of cloth on their heads (813). Africans collecting water from a standpipe on the dockside (828). HAS of dock buildings, docks and anchored ships; pan right showing the bay (852). Pan along the dock (871ft).



  • LEVER COLLECTION 201818A (Archive)

Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
871 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain