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  • Fraser Collection: The Kadir Cup 1934
    Fraser Collection

    1934 footage of an annual Raj sporting event, the Kadir Cup Meeting. Competitors and visitors travel on elephants to the location of the race for the Hog Hunters Cup, a pig sticking competition. Also: travel by elephant into a town ( ...

    Bolland Collection

    VIP visits to Kotah: Viceroy Lord Reading 1924; Maharajah of Baroda 1927; Nawab of Tonk 1928; Maharajah of Jammu & Kashmir 1934. Copies of Maharao Brijraj Singh of Kotah's 16 mm films, with his commentaries.

    Production / Donor ...

    Smart Collection

    British Honduras: river scenes with boats, jungle and village scenes and soil surveying with Professor Hardy.

    Production / Donor Details: Film shot by Harold Smart OBE. Mr. Smart was born in Lesotho ( ...

    Lloyd-Jones Collection

    Daulatabad caves and Dehli. 1933/4. Military parades. People suffering from a skin disease? Nomads dancing. Train. Man climbing palm tree. Travelling along railway tracks by bogie. Daulatabad caves. Dehli - Red Fort. Agra - Tak ...


    INTEREST. Rice cultivation in Ceylon.

    Opening scenic shots of Ceylon, commentary explains that varied crops are produced in Ceylon but the staple food of the people is rice (101). In the paddy fields, buffaloes are used to draw the ploughs. ...


    Scenes of Udaipur.


    The cruise takes a party of senior scouts and guides and leaders to various ports in the Mediterranean where large rallies are held with local scouts and guides.


    Documentary about Indian crafts, dances and architecture.


    AMATEUR FILM of a husky and sled journey and a medical centre and orphanage in St Anthony set up by Wilfrid T. Grenfell, an English medical missionary.

    LS iceberg, huskies crossing ice to icebound steamship. Ship moves forward a small distance. ...


    Amateur film showing forestry work and resin collecting in the United Provinces, India.


    INTEREST. Amateur film of India.

    People on their way to the market; animals and ox carts (37). Residency grounds and flowers (50). Procession in Jaipur, elephants with decorative howdahs, soldiers, Nagas, elephants in silver embossed china ...


    The tea plantations of Ceylon.

    17th century map of Ceylon. Commentary states that the island has been known to traders for many centuries. Shots of interior forests. Footage of Buddhist temples and statues, many in ruins: 'The dry climate of the ...