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    A film prepared by the Boy Scouts of Singapore in cooperation with Messrs. Kodak Ltd. Aspects of the city of Singapore, concentrating on the port area, street life and its multi-racial character.


    SABRA 1934

    Theme of the film is taken from the lives of the Chalutzim or Jewish pioneers who have settled in Palestine. Film shows a typical group of pioneers fighting with almost superhuman power against both nature and hostile Arab tribes.


    Documents the deputation tour undertaken by Rev. Leonard Hurst, Australia and New Zealand secretary of the London Missionary Society,in Southern India, on behalf of the LMS.Places featured include Bellary, Gooty, Anantapur District, Jammalamadugu, ...


    Reel 1:

    00:00 Pan on deck of ship, presumably the SS Duchess of Richmond, a church service (commemorative?) is held. Some of the ships officers are attending and a number of civilian men are wearing medals.

    00:08 Ashore a large party of ...