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    "MALTA". Aerial shots of clouds and of airfield in Malta with RAF Transport Command Handley Page Hastings aircraft parked on the tarmac.

    "NEW DELHI". Shots of buildings including Viceregal Lodge (?) with group strolling in the grounds - one is ...


    Set in a prison camp for men captured in Malaya by the Japanese during World War II, whilst women and children are sent on a series of aimless treks through the jungle.

    The following statement regarding the story appears after the opening credits ...

    International Agencies

    The discussion on the admission of Sudan to the United Nations. Sir Pierson Dixon supports the application as does the United States representative. The Russian president of the Security Council speaks. The vote - Sudan is ...


    Young adventuress' machinations and final doom while fortune hunting in darkest Africa.


    ZANZIBAR 1956

    THIS WEEK [ITV/Rediffusion, 1956-68]Great Britain

    RNAS Hal Far - HMS Falcon - holds an open-day fte.

    Shots of the fte activities. Dog handling and inspection for the 'best dog' award. A gravity ride in a drop tank converted into "Rocket XM ...


    Egyptian film of the Suez Incident.

    Port Said - tourists, government building programme, increased prosperity following upon Suez Canal nationalisation. Egyptian pilots, working for the nation rather than a " ...


    Aerial film of the city, taken after the Suez operation, is produced as evidence to refute Egyptian "allegations that Port Said is a scene of chaos and devastation."

    The film consists mainly of general panoramas (the ...