Empire and Education

Education was central to British imperial policy throughout the 20th century, as the British sought to create imperial citizens schooled in British ways. At home this was often cast as a philanthropic exercise, but it also had a utilitarian function as British colonial regimes sought to train an indigenous administrative class. From agricultural training films intended for colonial audiences, to records of further education in post-War Africa, these films chart the progress of British educational programmes within the colonies.

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VETERINARY TRAINING OF AFRICAN NATIVES (1936)has video enhanced entry

The training of students at the Tanganyika Veterinary Department, Mpwapwa.

The film opens with a line of African men in uniform ...


WHY NOT YOU? (1950) enhanced entry

A Ugandan family re-organizes itself to increase its output of murram (hard gravel) blocks.

The film opens with a shot of ...


WIVES OF NENDI (1949)has video enhanced entry

Described by the voiceover as 'the true story of Mai Mangwende, the wife of Chief Mangwende of Southern Rhodesia and ...