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Described as an "election filmet" it exhorts people (Blacks) to vote in the forthcoming elections.


SOUTHERN RHODESIA TUC - MR GODBER (1964) enhanced entry

ITV coverage of the Trade Unions Congress in Southern Rhodesia, transmitted on 3 September 1964.



A travelogue of Southern Rhodesia intended for prospective British tourists and immigrants.

Opening with a consideration of ancient Rhodesia, the film ...


Spencer Collection: 2: Slides and Photos from Nigeria... (1950)

A selection on video of Mrs Spencer's slides and photographs taken during her nursing career in Nigeria and Sarawak. Part ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 180 (1963)

A Home For 'Coco' - baby monkey at Bumba national park.

Rhodesian Art In London - Princess Margaret opens.

A Veritable Vintner ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 181 (1963)

Bundles of Energy - 2 leopard cubs kept by Jason Cambitzi.

Mainly for the Naturalist - natural history section of museum.

Heart ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 182 (1963)

Our Shop Window - trade fair.

New Industry for Lusaka - cigarette factory.

Glimpses into the Past - cave paintings.

Go-Kart Grand Prix. ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 183 (1963)

Barging up the Zambezi - construction of new barge.

Dogs on Duty - police dog training.

Pride of the Copperbelt - Ndola's ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 184 (1963)

For the Farmer - composite item regarding farming.

Livingstone's Game Park - scenes.

Pioneer Town - Fort Victoria.

Spotlight on Kariba - scenes. ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 185 (1963)

Mini-Mining - model of copper mine.

Building Forum - exhibition of building materials.

Castle in the Bush - scenes of the Lundazi ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 186 (1963)

Always be Careful - road safety mobile unit.

Luangwa Prepares - game reserve.

Chains For Industry - manufacture of.

Assegai Competition - Arnold ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 187 (1963)

Veterans on Call - R.R.A.F. reserves going through their paces.

Yes We Have Bananas - banana plantation.

End of Operation Noah - ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 188 (1963)

Beauty from the Bundu - flower arranging.

Leisure by the Lake - Kasaba Bay holiday camp.

Milestone in Education - educational TV ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 189 (1963)

Trout Talk - breeding and rearing of trout.

Breeding for the Show - show cattle and Lusaka Royal Show.

Conserving Our Forests ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 190 (1963)

New Shaft at Roan - Roan Antelope copper mine.

A Livingstone Industry - cane and steel furniture.

Jubilee Run - diamond jubille ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 191 (1963)

Any Old Iron - steel foundry, Kitwe.

School of Archaeology.

Country Holidays - pony trekking in the Vumba Mts. and Ponderosa holiday ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 192 (1963)

Expanding Motion Picture Industry - Dragon Films studio.

Young Explorers.

Spotlight on Mulobezi - scenes of saw mills and railways.


SPOTLIGHT NO. 193 (1963)

"Tobacco Twist" - new devices for the tobacco industry.

Holding That Tiger - Bumi Hills fishing camp on Lake Kariba.

Spotlight on ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 194 (1963)

Rhodesian Showcase - trade fair in Bulawayo.

Preview of the Primates - tobacco farmer studies the habits of primates.

New Road to ...


SPOTLIGHT NO. 195 (1963)

All in Their Spare Time - hobbies exhibition.

Spotlight on Civil Aviation.


SPOTLIGHT NO. 197 (1963)

Christmas 1963 - composite reel of Christmas festivities in Rhodesia.



Compilation of Northern Spotlights no's 1-7.

Remote Beauty Spots. [Northen Spotlight No 1]. A visit by three South African delegates to ...


SPOTLIGHT ON THE COLONIES (1950)has video enhanced entry

"This is a brief survey of progress made by the British Government in helping forty separate colonial territories to raise ...


SPRINGTIME IN AN ENGLISH VILLAGE (1944)has video enhanced entry

A young African girl is crowned the May Queen in the village of Stanion, Northamptonshire.

The film opens with shots of ...