Southern Rhodesia/Rhodesia

Southern Rhodesia declared independence unilaterally as Rhodesia in 1965. It achieved formal independence as Zimbabwe in 1980. 

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Discussion on democracy in Australia, Rhodesia, Northern Ireland and particularly India.



A travelogue advertising Rhodesia as a tourist destination. Main scenes include wildlife in game reserves, Victoria Falls, the ruins of ...


Rhodesia Collection: Chipangali (1975)

Film of Viv and Paddy Wilson's(?) Chipingali wild animal sanctuary near Bulawayo. 1975?

Production / Donor Details: The Rhodesia Collection was ...


Rhodesia Collection: For Man and Beast (1975)

Film about Mubi, an African Game Guard, and his white rhinos in the Matopos National Park near Bulawayo. 1975?

Production / ...


Rhodesia Collection: Kwanangoma - Place of Music (1975)

A film about Kwanangoma Music College. 1975?

Production / Donor Details: The Rhodesia Collection was donated by the journal Rhodesians Worldwide ...


Rhodesia Collection: Something About Rhodesia: I 1975 (1975)

A magazine programme. Items are: Umvukwes Art Group; Maize and Tobacco - 'A Tale of Two Crops'; 'School for Sailing' ...


Rhodesia Collection: They Who Dare (1975)

Recruiting film for the Rhodesian S.A.S. Purports to show something of S.A.S. "selection" and a training exercise. 1975?

Production / Donor ...


Rhodesia Collection: Wild in the Sun 1974/5 (1975)

Film about Aloes and the flora of Rhodesia. The arid parts of Rhodesia and the flowers they support. Harold ...


WEEKEND WORLD[09/03/75] (1975)

A report on the Consultants dispute in the National Health Serivce.

An interview with Mrs Sarah Morrison - ex-Vice-chair of the ...


WEEKEND WORLD[12/10/75] (1975)

An interview with Sir Keith Joseph.

A report on the current situation in Rhodesia, including an interview with Prime Minister, Ian ...


WEEKEND WORLD[18/05/75] (1975)

An interview with James Callaghan about Britain's foreign policy, NATO, Cyprus, Rhodesia, the EEC and the economic situation.

A report on ...



Propagandic film extolling the wonderful life and achievements of Rhodesia. Emphasis is on united Rhodesians, with footage of them in ...